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  • Managing Anxiety In Pandemic Times
    With the COVID virus, shootings, loss of jobs, and closure of local businesses, these are truly difficult times. So many are dealing with losses of loved ones to their own Read more
  • Finding Peace in Tumultuous Times
    During these times, many of us are feeling a bit lost, if not confused.  We listen to stories or watch videos of events that stop us cold. As we watch Read more
  • Finding Peace In Pandemic Times
      Peace is Attainable Peace can be elusive in these pandemic times.  The news reports that the United States will have tens of millions of vaccine doses to distribute this winter. And Read more
  • Connect with Compassion
    During this pandemic with such a focus on ‘distancing’, how do we connect?  How do we build relationships when society tells us, do not touch, do not sing, and most Read more
  • Meditation On Afflictions
    Longchenpa, a Tibetan teacher holds up for us a challenging path for living in his poem, Meditation on Afflictions. He captures how the challenges we face are truly gifts that Read more
  • Practice Compassion – Relieve The Stress
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Watching the protests on the news carried me back in time to my protest days in the 70s and the inspiration I gained from Martin Luther Read more
  • Accepting – A Practice for Managing Anxiety
    Accepting – A Practice for Managing Anxiety How often have you listened to someone tell you, “Just accept ‘it.’ It is what it is.” If the ‘it’ is something painful or Read more
  • Get Close and Personal – Social Distancing is an Oxymoron
    Healthy FriendlinessDuring this pandemic amidst so much angst, worry and anxiety, we are told to practice ‘social distancing’. Reflecting upon what the term means, I asked, Is the United States Read more
  • Naikan: An Anxiety Reliever
    Sitting on the deck of a small cabin in Vermont, I watched the setting sun on my last evening helping conduct a Naikan retreat at the ToDo Institute. Listening to Read more
  • Walking Away From Anxiety
    Commander sildenafil 100 Le ginkgo biloba est une quantité courante de cialis les anti-inflammatoires non stéroïdiens, les hommes jeunes et les hommes âgés soulèvent la question de savoir pourquoi cela se Read more
  • Stop Muttering the Abuse Mantra
    Create A New Message For Yourself My therapy clients struggling with abuse, whether sexual or emotional, initially seem to listen to external voices.  It is not uncommon for women and men Read more
  • Transforming Fear: Ride Your Fear!
    Fear Can Be An Obstacle or A Resource Fear can be a destructive emotion when it causes us to freeze or get so flustered we feel lost. As Takehisa Kora explains Read more
  • Using Attention to Heal
    Self Healing Healing from challenges such as anxiety, trauma, and grief can be enhanced with the practice of attention. Often times we just react to our emotions instead of taking a Read more
  • Transforming Trauma
    Many people get frozen by trauma. It reappears in various ways and often is re-lived over and over again in dreams. Individuals often carry around the memories and are triggered Read more
  • Walking Free from Fear
    Being Trapped After surviving traumatic situations, we stay stuck in the muck of fears. In a state of anxiety,  we get hooked by our own emotions and the emotions of others. Read more
  • Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos
    Even when the world seems dark and fear grabs at your gut, it is possible to find peace of mind. Feeling overwhelmed and filled with anxiety, we focus on the Read more