Anxiety Counseling

Counseling For Anxiety

Dealing With Anxiety and Depression


  • Are you unable to focus due to stress and/or high anxiety? 
  • Do you experience difficulties communicating due to high emotions? 
  • Are you feeling lost and adrift due to major transitions in your life? 
  • Do you feel dejected, down, and dwelling on blame or shame? 
  • Are you sleepless from always worrying?
  • Do panic attacks stop you from getting on with the day? 
  • Has a loss in your life left you feeling empty and unable to function?

Anxiety in Daily Life

Occasional experiences of anxiety are a normal part of life. However, anxiety, left untreated, can result in levels of nervousness, fear, tension, and worry that inhibit the ability to perform at work and/or complete daily tasks. Similarly, when going through any life change, we can experience feelings of being lost or adrift. Sometimes loss of a loved one or the incarceration of a loved one can lead to feelings of lacking  purpose or playing self-blame tapes. Loss and constant stress can carry us into depression, panic attacks and/or sleepless nights. Depression, especially during these pandemic times, has become a common mental disorder. Not dealing with depression can lead to lethargy, loss of interest in what we enjoy, and even daily living.

Peace of Mind, Despite the Stress

Counseling involves working with life changes such as loss, career, and other transitions as well as depression, stress, and trauma. Join me in ‘re-storying’ your anxieties. Rediscovering your inner strengths you can transform anxiety into the positive energy you need to live life with meaning and purpose. You will gain tools for overcoming emotions instead of letting them pull you around.  For the past 16 years, I have enjoyed helping my clients to live life fully, despite the stress. I offer a wide variety of techniques for shifting attention, even when in the midst of chaos. You can have healthy relationships and work effectively. Take some time to explore with me ways to partner with wisdom and enjoy connecting with life, despite the stress. 

Anxiety Relief Counselor

I have helped many overcome anxiety and stress to live more peaceful lives. I blend Eastern and Western therapeutic techniques to heal mind and heart. My training and experience as a Buddhist priest, domestically and internationally, has given me resources that can help you overcome intense anxiety and deep trauma. Many of my clients have found the approaches I share to be the tools they needed to effectively manage their anxiety. Many have found my use of Applied Existential Psychotherapy and/or Eastern techniques the path that allowed them to walk free from past traumas or to complete a life transition.


Carol O’Dowd, MPA, MDiv, MI, CAS
Trauma/Transition Therapist and Spiritual Counselor

Call Carol at (720) 244-2299 for a free 20-minute Phone Consultation

Anxiety Counseling: What To Expect

Most of my clients leave therapy after six to 10 sessions with tools they continue to use for achieving their goals. My standard rate is $100 an hour as an out-of-network provider. However, I offer a sliding scale. My counseling includes take-home assignments to practice and assessment of the results with my clients. The effectiveness of a particular practice determines the next steps as well as techniques used in treatment.  


“I so appreciated the tools you shared.” –  CC

“After only a few sessions, I am living life more fully.” – AW

“Having such a different view allowed me to let go of old beliefs.” – MR

Carol combines western and eastern approaches in her psychotherapy to support others on the journey and all its transitions. Carol is certified in Applied Existential Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, and Japanese Psychology.

Call Carol at (720) 244-2299 for a free 20-minute Phone Consultation



Insurance: I am an out-of-network provider. 

Coronavirus Notice: Prajna Healing Arts is open for counseling and taking new clients as normal. Sessions are available over video chat or phone. Outdoor sessions are also available in a welcoming and relaxing open area that is comfortable for social distancing. Call Carol at (720) 244-2299 for a free evaluation.

Call Carol at (720) 244-2299 for a free 20-minute Phone Consultation